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(improved Mobile Chemical Agent Detector)

The iMCAD (improved Mobile Chemical Agent Detector) is our most advanced standoff sensor.  By combining our original passive FTIR instrument with thermal imaging and visible cameras, we are able to detect, identify and map chemical weapon vapors, chemical aerosols, toxic industrial chemicals and biological particles tested at distances up to 6km away.  The instrument is designed to operate from stationary or mobile military or civilian platforms.  Applications for these sensors range from use by first responders to soldiers on the battlefield as well as monitoring of critical industrial sites and performing physical security detection of people and vehicles.

The instrument is the culmination of  over 25 years of research and development. MESH began working with the army in the 1980’s to design algorithms for on-the-move standoff detection of chemical clouds using passive FTIR instruments.   MESH developed the algorithm, the electronics, and the calibration device for the Mobile Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD).  We have continued to enhance the ruggedness and sensitivity of the instrument and increase the number of chemicals identifiable.  We do all aspects of the systems integration ourselves in order to maintain complete control over quality.  Every instrument that leaves our premises will be subjected to the highest standards of engineering, testing and quality-control.